Real estate investments are major considerations for developers and their customers. Careful assessment of building systems needs and capabilities are an essential part of investment success.

KAMM Consulting engineering services help developers remain competitive while delivering buildings that meet the needs of today's owners and end users.

The real estate needs of the typical business are very different today. Modern, competitive businesses often require 24X7 availability of their products and services to
their customers. Availability levels are often contractual and terms are punitive. If a building can't support the business need, the potential buyer or tenant must look elsewhere---often for reasons that could have been overcome during the design phase.

We are the leading consulting and engineering firm in Florida and enjoy the privilege of working with the leading real estate professionals in our marketplace. KAMM Consulting offers a broad range of services to help the developer build value into their projects.

Engineering Services For The Developer

MEP Design/Consulting

Mechanical Systems Audits

Power Quality Audits

Voice/Data/Cabling Assessments

Customized Services

As-built Drawings on CADD for your Existing Building

Commissioning and Maintenance Testing Services

Feasibility Studies and Budgets

Site Selection, Surveys and Audits

Building Evaluations