Through collaboration and engineering leadership we are helping our customers do a better job of serving their customers.

Today’s business owners require more performance from their facilities investments. Increasingly, our clients are using business systems technology to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Today’s engineered solutions must support the operational needs of these technology-dependent enterprises. Continuous availability to the customer has become a basic requirement of competitiveness.

Our consulting and engineering capabilities can impact significantly the performance of our clients’ businesses. Through careful collaboration with our clients and their technology providers, we consistently deliver engineering solutions that support management’s strategic direction while avoiding “missed opportunities”.

As a leading engineering and consulting firm in, we have the privilege of serving the premier businesses in our market place.

KAMM Consulting and Engineering Services

Office Buildings


Multi-Purpose Buildings

Retail Space



MRI Diagnostic Suites

  • Continuous Availability Sites
  • Data Centers
  • LAN and WAN Operations Centers
  • Colo Telecommunications/Data Processing Facilities
  • Internet Service Provider Sites
  • Continuous-Flow Manufacturing
  • Order-Fulfillment Warehouse Operations
  • Modern Office Buildings

Experienced in systems design: Uninterruptible Power Systems, Emergency Generators, Essential and Critical HVAC, Life Safety, Lighting, Plumbing, and Fire Sprinkler.