Do You Know What Our Clients Know About Their Facilities?

More often than not, our clients are totally dependent upon their technology-based business systems to meet customer commitments. There have been volumes written concerning losses due to failures of these systems. Most of the stories are true enough to cause management to carefully plan and budget to meet their IT requirements and prevent such losses. The facilities housing these technology-based business systems however, often do not “measure up” to the task of supporting the IT investment and management’s expectations. And generally, the reason is an inadequate facilities budget or wrong facilities concept - or both.

Working to The Numbers

Businesses committing to extraordinary levels of service today will be just more players in a high-performance market tomorrow morning---unless, they continue to raise the bar in all aspects of their products and services (Price, Quality and Delivery). To be competitive, the requirement for availability of applications to the customer often exceeds 99.9999 percent (not available 30 minutes per year). This requirement, combined with very high levels of confidence that the performance will be achieved, places extraordinary pressure on the design, implementation and management of the supporting facilities. Facilities adds, moves, changes, and deletes must be transparent to IT operations and the end user/customer. It is rare to find facilities that deliver such performance. The reason? Too expensive. Meaning, the proper solution was never identified, identified too late to make the budget cut, or simply not justified in the budget for cost reasons.

Assessing Facilities Performance Capabilities

There is good news. KAMM Consulting performs cost-effective assessments of our client’s facilities. The resulting report clearly identifies operational issues as they apply to our client’s specific business operations. Strategic and Operational Business Requirements and the IT systems running the business-critical and mission-critical applications are key elements of the evaluation context. Our clients are enabled to make their facilities investment decisions based on the total business requirement.

KAMM Provides:

Feasibility Studies and Budgets
Site Selection, Surveys and Audits
Building Evaluations
MEP Design/Consulting
Mechanical Systems Audits
Power Quality Audits
Voice/Data/Cabling Assessments
Customized Services
As- Built Drawings on CADD for your Existing Building
Commissioning and Maintenance Testing Services